Take a minute to think about all of the action movies that you have ever watched. What is the count of cars that were wrecked in these movies? Can you image how much cash for crashed cars were wasted?

If you have an interest in vehicles, it should be a little bit painful for every nice car destroyed in a movie. Have you wondered if they really destroy these amazing supercars?

Here we will tell you the whole truth about Hollywood car magic.

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How car crashes are made in movies


Usually movies can’t afford destroying streets full of supercars. Although, it wouldn’t be so exciting to watch old rusted clunkers racing each other, or how they explode. Instead, movie producers make a compromise to trick you into thinking that these expensive supercars are being destroyed.


  • Swapping:

    One of the options that filmmakers might consider, is to swap the cars during this action. For example, super cars might be shot during the racing scenes and they could be swapped to a similar car during the crash or explosion. Although, the car that is used in a crashing scene is a busted-up.


  • Shells:

    While cars might look fancy on the outside it doesn’t mean that it has the original insides. Therefore, there is an easy way to construct a cheap car with fancy looks, it requires just to create a plastic shall that would like a supercar. Furthermore, some companies simply build and sell bare-bone frames so that they could be outfitted with shells.


  • Stripping:

    If movie producers, insists of using a specific car model on screen, o it is desired by sponsors. To make this less expensive, they strip the car of its most expensive components. In this way, the vehicle keeps its identity, while wastes significantly lesser amount of cash for crashed cars.


  • Digital:

    Instead of destroying a real thing they just replace it using CGI. This is the least expensive and the most convenient way of achieving the needed result. Since, it is easy to create the exact scene that required by the moviemakers.


  • Damaged:

    While if a car seems to be good from the outside it doesn’t mean that its pristine inside. Movie producers might buy vehicles with water damage, from places such as junkyards or auctions. For a fraction of a price, that they would need to pay for a car in a sell-able condition.


Cash for Crashed Cars

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