How it Works? In 4 Simple Steps

For you to get a better understanding of how it works, we will explain the process in 4 steps.

Give us your car details

Let us know the information about your car. We need to know year, make, model of the junk car and it’s current location and current condition of the junk car. Knowing this quick information lets our team to give you the best offer for your treasured old car. You can do it via a call or by filling out our online form. It is simple as that!

junk my car for cash in charlotte NC

Get a quick quote

You will receive a quick competitive offer. Although, it doesn’t matter if your vehicle is an ancient clunker, or new cutting edge piece of technology. Take a breather! Our goal here is not to put pressure on you. Besides, our offer is not going to suddenly change. Also, you won’t be obligated to accept our offer. Moreover, forget shady third party buyers, they are not worth of your time. At Express Cash 4 Junk Cars Charlotte we are fully transparent; we are not going to surprise you with any dirty hidden fees. That is our promise!

junk my car for cash in charlotte NC

Arrange a meeting with our professionals

Remember when we told you to take a breather? You hardly have to stand up from your chair. Simply tell us your schedule, and we are going to arrange a date and time to pick your car up, when you are available. Our team is going to meet you at home, at work or at any location of your choosing. Then we will quickly check your car and do some nominal paperwork, and we will be almost done!

Cash4cars in charlotte nc | Car removal servicer

Get cash on spot

Voila! In a place of your old junk car, we will leave a fat stack of cash. This is simply how it works. It feels like a magic trick. While, we are no magicians, we are only honest used car buyers. When all of the documentation is done, and both sides are completely happy, we’ll be heading our way. In addition, if there will be any issues for, we are always happy to help you. Simply give us a call or contact us in a way you prefer.

Cash4cars in charlotte nc | Car removal servicer

There are no hidden fees!

We like to think about ourselves as an honest and hardworking people. Therefore, we won’t ever surprise you with any dirty, hidden fees. Undoubtedly, we are fully transparent, we give you cash for your junk car, and that is it. We are going to tow your car free of charge, nothing in small print, there won’t be any ifs, buts nor maybes. It’s simple, you sell us car we give you cash, just honest business with honest people.
Cash4cars in charlotte nc | Car removal servicer


We hope that now you have a good understand on how it works and why you should choose us to work with.